See What Really Happens If You Don’t Put Your Phone In Flight Mode On A Plane

I am very certain more than 90% of us have always wondered if a phone’s signal can really take down a plane. Well, not exactly…

The radiation from a phone signal cannot interfere with the plane’s operating system to the extent that it will cause the whole thing to spontaneously combust. So even if lots of terrorists kept their phones on and watched data zapping YouTube videos, it will not take down a plane.


The reason flight attendants insist you have your phone off or in flight mode is to prevent the pilot getting distracted by interference noises being emitted from your phones.

You may have heard the ‘bzzt bzzt bzzt’ crackling noises from a radio when a phone is nearby. You must agree it is one of the most annoying sounds ever. Now imagine the headache the pilot gets from hearing that continuously.

To conclude, DO always adhere to instructions from flight attendants as they are there to ensure your safety and mine.


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