Google Launches Preview Program for Early Access to Chromecast Updates

Google Launches Preview Program for Early Access to Chromecast Updates

Google has launched Chromecast Preview Program to give users early access to its updates. The search giant has clarified that this is not a ‘Beta’ programme and the updates provided under this programme will be will be of the same quality as production version updates.

The Preview Program is available for all Chromecast versions, i.e. Chromecast (1st-gen), Chromecast (2nd-gen), and Chromecast Audio. It allows you to test the latest version of Chromecast’s firmware before its wider release.

In order to join the preview programme, you need to go to Google Cast app on your Android or iOS device > Tap ‘Devices’ > Select device card for the required Chromcast > Tap three dots at the top-right corner of device card to go to ‘Device Settings’ > ‘Tap Preview Program’.

The company says that if you don’t see the Preview Program option, chances are that it is not accepting new members at that particular time but might accept members again later.

The Chromecast Preview Program’s early access provides the users with the chance to provide feedback to the company about its update. They can also point out the drawbacks or flaws that are associated with any update before it is made available at a wider scale. The users will also be provided with the option to leave the programme at any given time after joining it.


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