Samsung Smart View App Update Teases Chromecast-Like Streaming Feature for Its TVs

Samsung Smart View App Update Teases Chromecast-Like Streaming Feature for Its TVs

The latest update to Samsung’s Smart View app, which allows users to watch content from their mobile devices and PC on their TV sets, has teased a streaming service similar to that provided by Google Chromecast. The screenshots on the app’s App Store page indicate that the streaming service might soon be coming to the company’s Smart TVs.

The screenshots from Smart View’s listing on App Store suggest that the company will allow streaming from services such as YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Along with teasing the streaming service, the company has also updated the design of the app with new interface for browsing through media on the mobile devices. There is also a virtual remote that allows users with a useful option when the physical remote is unavailable.
One of the biggest exclusions from the mainstream streaming services is Netflix. However, the support for Netflix can be added going ahead, as pointed out in a report by Digital Trends. Samsung is expected to make the announcement regarding the streaming service at its CES 2017 event on Wednesday evening (Thursday morning in India).

The South Korean company is also expected to reveal its new screen technology, called “QLED”, at its CES 2017 event, as reported by Forbes. The third generation of Quantum Dot TVs from the company are expected to address some of the traditional issues with LCD TVs while also providing an improvement in HDR performance as well.


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